Following the roots

I was under the impression that Charming Artemis was available already and it isn’t so that was a let down.

But I did read Loving Lieutenant Lancaster and The Best-Laid Plans.

Again, I adore Linus (oddly enough, it is another of the names in the list of my yet-to-be-conceived children, even thought the husband refuses to use it), and my dear poor Arabella deserves all the good things in the world. Her aunt and uncle are horrible, but the dowager countess and her family were at least nice to her. Charlie needs all the love in the world (hence why I am extremely exited to read his and Artemis’ story!).

And, even though The Best-Laid Plans isn’t about the Lancasters, at least we get to see a bigger development of Artemis’ character, she seemed to be a bit annoying in the previous books, but this one helps to understand her a bit.

Ellie was a great heroine, belonging to a family that can’t understand her and always trying to put her down. I liked the way she found a real friendship with Artemis, Charlie, Newton and the other girls.

And, Newton is great, calm and sure of who he wants to be. So yeah, I did like how his support and friendship allowed Ellie to be her true self.

I shall await patiently for the next book, guys.

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